Switch to Windows 10 Light Theme and Make Your Eyes Less Stressed


Windows 10 has two different themes: dark and light. The default is the dark theme, which many people find easier to use at night because it is less bright. However, a lot of people prefer the Windows 10 Light Theme because it’s more natural-looking and feels like how they would expect an operating system to look on their computer screen. Whether you are using your laptop or desktop PC, here are some tips for switching between these two themes in Windows 10!

The dark theme can be changed to a lighter one by following these steps:

Click on the Windows icon in the lower-left corner of your screen.

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Go to Settings Options in the start panel

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Than go to the Personalization Setting

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Scroll down and than click theme options

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Now, Scroll down and see the right panel than click Windows(light).Wait few seconds that change the color scheme for all Parts to Light Mode.

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