The Best 5 Ways to Activate windows 10 Pro Key Instantly

Windows 10 Pro Key

Activate Windows 10 pro key is the latest and most advanced operating system from Microsoft. It has been designed to be compatible with all devices and provide an interface that will suit every user. Windows 10 pro key activation is not as difficult as it sounds, there are 5 ways you can activate your Windows 10 Pro Key instantly! If you May need Windows 10 ISO files.

Activate Windows During Installation

-when you install your windows in your computer this times After complete windows installation then they will ask you to enter a product key this times you need to enter a product key to activate your windows.

Activate windows in settings


-it’s a most effective and popular way to activate your windows instantly .

Start > Settings > Update & security > Activation

then Enter your product key after enter your product key it will be activated within few seconds.

Here few photo we have attached here that will help you to activate your windows very easily.

Activate Windows 10 With Activation Troubleshooter

-Activation troubleshooter is a good way to activate your windows key in few seconds and it will activate your windows within a minute.

Select this process if you see that windows is not activated then you need to select troubleshooting for Activate your windows.

Activate windows 10 in Command Prompt


You can Activate your windows 10 by using command prompt to use this command prompt

Start> Menu> Search> type”command prompt” >> open >>


Hopefully you will send windows sucessfully activated once enter a product key

if you want to replace the product key then type slmgr /ipk PRODUCT KEY replacing PRODUCT KEY with your new key.

If successful, you will see Installed product key successfully.

Activate windows 10 by calling Microsoft

it’s a little bit horrible because you need to call Microsoft beacuse it’s may kill your times. but you can follow this step also.

  • First Search run or Press windows key + R
  • Type SLUI 4
  • Then Click ok
  • Select your country
  • A toll free number will be appears here then call Microsoft then they will ask you your installation id. and once verify it they will give you confirmation id.

As a Result your Windows successfully activated

If you got any issue like, Product key invalid , already used in another device , And more error then then please email us directly : [email protected] or if you bought Windows 10 Pro product key from another’s website then ask then for replace this product key

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