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Complete Guideline of Windows Server 2019 Essentials Download, Install and Activate

Windows Server 2019 Essentials Download

Windows Server Essentials 2019 download is available on the Microsoft official website. Officially you can download Microsoft Windows Server 2019 64-bit ISO files without any cost. You can install successfully with the ISO file if your device meets the minimum system guides for installing the Essentials edition of windows server 2019. You can easily activate the Windows Server 2019 Essentials with an original product key. If you are a new Windows server user or don’t know the process of downloading, installing, and activating, follow the article to learn the complete guidelines.

Download Windows Server 2019 Essentials ISO File

Windows Server Essentials download process starts with the Download of the ISO file from the Microsoft Website. Let’s have a look at the download process:

  • Go to the Windows Server 2019 evaluation center by clicking here [link –]
  • Under the Windows Server tab, navigate to the Windows Server 2019 Essentials 2019 version.
  • Scroll down and click on the Download the ISO options.
  • You will guide to the Evaluate Windows Sever 2019 Essentials page for registration.
  • Fill up the form with all the original information.
  • Then click on the Download Now button. 
  • Click on your targeted language and 64-bit edition. 
  • Within a few seconds, it starts windows server 2019 Essentials ISO download

Note: The download speed and period will depend on your internet connection. It usually takes 15 to 30 minutes for a complete download guide.

How to make a bootable USB drive for Windows Server 2019 Essentials

Whether it is complete to download Microsoft Windows server 2019 ISO file, you can get prepared to make the bootable drive for installing the Essentials edition of Windows Server 2019. Let’s check out the process:

  • Input a USB or DVD drive into your computer device 
  • Type CMD on the start menu of the search bar
windows server 2019 essentials download
  • Then select the Open option to run the command prompt on your device.
  • On the next screen, type diskpart on the command prompt like the image below.
windows server essentials 2019 download
  • The system will detect the USB drive and show you on the screen
  • Next, type list disk and click on the Enter button. The order shows the list of disks
windows server essentials download

Again type disk<x> and press enter button. X refers to the drive letter or number.

server 2019 essentials download

Type clean and press the Enter button, and the order will delete all the for the USB drive.

windows 2019 essentials iso download
  • To create a new primary partition type Create partition and press the Enter button
  • You can type format fs=ntfs quick and press the enter button to format the drive partition
windows server 2019 essentials iso download
  • You can type active and press the enter button to enter
  • Also, type exit and press enter button to exit
  • Navigate your ISO image and save it to the root folder of the USB flash drive.

Installation Process of Windows Server 2019 Essentials

After making sure you have prepared the bootable USB drive, you can install the software easily by following the steps:

  • Turn on the Switch of your device and input the booted USB drive
  • Then press any of the keys to launch the process
  • Select your required language, time, currency and keyboard input option and click on the Next button.
download microsoft windows server 2019
  • Press the Install Now button from the next screen.
server 2019 essentials install
  • Select the Windows Server 2019 Essentials desktop experience version from the list and press the Next button. 

Read the terms and agree; checkmark the “ I accept the license agreements” check box options and press the Next button.

server 2019 essentials terms and conditions
  • Select Custom: Install Windows Server Operating system option.
server 2019 essentials
  • Select the drive partition where you want to install the Windows server and press the Next button.
server essentials 2019 download
  • It will automatically restart and install the Essentials edition of Windows Server 2019 
windows 2019 essentials iso download 2
  • Fill up all the information and continue to the following process.
  • Then, the system will guide you to the Microsoft PowerShell interface 
  • Now set the setting as your want and manage the Windows Server 2019 Essentials.

Windows Server 2019 Standard Activation Process

After completing the Windows Server 2019 Essentials installation, you must activate the software with a genuine license key. Let’s jump into the activation process:

  • Type CMD on the search bar of the Windows start menu and click on the Run as administrator options.
windows server download

You need to Input the command with a valid product key (Dism /online /Set-Edition: ServerEssentials /AcceptEula /ProductKey: XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX) of your Windows server.

download windows server 2019
  • Press the Enter button, and the command will automatically activate the Essentials version of Server 2019. 

Note: Make a copy and replace the XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX with the purchased Windows server product key.

If you don’t have a Server 2019 Essentials key, get it here.

System Requirement of Windows Server 2019 Essentials

To install Windows Server 2019 Essentials, your device must meet the below minimum system requirements: 

Required Processor: 1.4 GHz 64-bit processor

Required RAM: 2 GB (ECC recommended)

Minimum Hard disk space: 160 GB (Additional space may be required for updates, service packs, and other system files.)

Network adapter: Gigabit Ethernet adapter (10/100/1000baseT)

Display: Super VGA (1024 x 768) or higher resolution monitor

Required Input devices: Keyboard and mouse (or other pointing device)

DVD drive: DVD-ROM drive, if you want to install the operating system from a DVD-ROM.


Finally, if your business has 25 to 50 users and devices, you can use Windows Server 2019 Essentials without a doubt. This version of Windows Server provides an easy-to-use platform for managing and sharing files, email, and other resources. In this blog post, we have discussed the download, installation and activation process of Windows Server 2019 Essentials in detail. Hope, by following our simple process and instructions, you can complete the entire process successfully.

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