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Windows Server 2016 Standard Free Download install & Activation Guide 2023 Update

Windows Server 2016 Standard Download

Many people can’t understand the solutions on how to Windows Server 2016 Standard Download, install and activate Server 2016 Standard! People think it’s not easy to go step-by-step into this download process. In this post, we provide complete guidelines about Windows Server 2016 Standard download.

What Should You Know Before Windows 2016 Standard ISO Download?

Windows Server 2016 includes high security and Azure-inspired invention for apps and infrastructure that create more productivity for your business. Hyper-V-based shielded virtual machines, Nano Server technology, and Container support made Windows Server 2016 standard version more effective for any organization. 

To gain these features and benefits, users need to download install and Activate Windows 2016 Server. No worries; this post will guide you to Server 2016 Standard Download and Install procedures.

System Requirements to Download Windows Server 2016 Standard ISO

If you wish for Windows Server 2016 Standard download, your computer must fulfil the system requirements. Check these system requirements carefully:

Processor: 1.4 GHz; 64-bit processor

RAM: 512 MB or greater

Hard Disk: 32 GB or more

Display: 1024 x 768 or higher resolution

Network: Ethernet adapter of 1 gigabit per second

Additional Requirements: Keyboard, Microsoft mouse, Internet Connection

Instructions of Windows Server 2016 Standard Download ISO 64-bit Full Version

There are several steps to complete Windows Server 2016 Standard Download, install, and Activate. Following these several steps allows you to enjoy the Windows Server 2016 version. Take a look what are these steps:

Step 1: Windows Server 2016 Standard ISO Download the full version from Microsoft’s official website; click on this link below:

Click this link to download Windows Server 2016 ISO directly. You must wait a while because it may take a couple of hours to finish the download process, as in the image below.

server 2016 standard download

Step 2: As mentioned above, Once you have finished the ISO file download, you can install this from the ISO setup. Look at below:

  • Extract the downloaded ISO file.
  • Enter the file and go to the setup.exe file.

Double-click on the setup file to run this.

server 2016 iso file

Step 3: Beginning the Windows Server setup, click on the Download and Install Updates and Tap Next.

windows server 2016 standard download

Step 4: Select Windows Server 2016 Standard Evaluation and click Next.

server 2016 standard download

Step 5: Tap Accept to Applicable Notices and License Terms.

windows server 2016 standard iso download

Step 6: After accepting step 5, choose Nothing and tap Next.

download windows server 2016 standard iso

Step 7: Windows Server Setup program check updates and press Next After finishing updates.

windows 2016 standard iso download

Step 8: After ending updates, confirm the information in the Window and click Ok. (If here you can see Turn Off BitLocker, then do it and follow the process)

windows server 2016 standard download iso 64 bit

Step 9: In this part, you will see the configurations for installing Windows 2016 Server. Push on the Install option and pursue the display directions to complete Windows 2016 Server installation.

Windows server 2016 Getting Ready

Step 10: To activate your Windows Server 2016 you must be have genuine windows server 2016 standard product keys, If you don’t have a keys get it here Then follow this step, Press Win+R and type cmd in the box. Then, hit on Ctrl+Shift+Enter to open the Command box with the administrator. Then, type: Dism /online /Set-Edition:ServerStandard /AcceptEula /ProductKey:XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX (Enter the product key instead of X).

Screenshot 10

Following these above steps, you can easily download to activation of Windows Server 2016 Standard. Don’t be late! If you Don’t have genuine Window Server 2016 Standard Keys  then get it here at a cheaper rate from

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