Office 2016 vs. Office 2019: The Comparison

Office 2016 vs. Office 2019

The tech giant Microsoft has developed many software over the last three decades, and most of them were popular.  Office 2016 Suite and Office Suite 2019 are two of them which are still being popularly used worldwide. Throughout this article, we will examine the comparisons of these two popular Office suites and discuss their differences in detail. Also, we will cover the pros and cons of these two famous Office Suite. So, let’s start with Office 2016 vs. Office 2019, the comparison.

The Differences Between Office 2016 vs. Office 2019

As mentioned, Microsoft developed and designed both of the Office suite. Both of them are part of the classical Office suite that is still popularly used worldwide. The following are the key differences between them so that you can better understand them;

User Interface

Both of the Office versions come with the Ribbon interface. This interface arranges all the tools and commands into different Ribbon tabs on the application screen. The later edition, 2019, enhances the tools’ design, functionality, and accessibility. So, in terms of user interface, the 2019 version is an advanced successor of the 2016 version.

Features and Functionality

Microsoft has enhanced the Office 2019 edition with the features that are introduced in its immediate predecessors Office 2016. Additionally, it comes with some other features and improvements that make the 2019 edition more performative against modern workloads. These enhancements vary across the Office applications but generally include improvements in data analysis, inking, presentation capabilities, and visual effects.

Support and Updates

Office 2016 is no longer actively supported by Microsoft. With the updates limited to critical security patches, it is still one of the most used Office Suite worldwide. On the other hand, Office 2019 is still supported, and Microsoft periodically releases updates, bug fixes, and security patches for it to provide users with enhanced performance.


Both of the versions can open and save files in various formats, ensuring compatibility with earlier versions of Office and other productivity applications. The main difference in file support comes in the 2019 version, as it supports ODF (Open Document Format) and AutoCAD files. It means you got more supported file options in 2019 compared to its predecessors.

These above points highlight some of the key differences between Office Suite 2016 and Office Suite 2019. To avail of the full package of both of these Office Suites, you must activate them with a product license key.

Pros & Cons of Office 2016 vs. Office 2019

Pros of Office 2016 

Familiar interface for both beginner and expert-level users.

Comprehensive features and tools in Office applications.

Compatible with various file formats like .docx, .xlsx, and .pptx.

Stable and reliable for day-to-day productivity tasks.

Cons of Office 2016

Does not include the latest features and enhancements introduced in the newer versions.

The support will end within 2026.

Does not have the same integration and synchronization features as newer versions.

It may not be compatible with new software.

Pros of Office 2019

It retains the classic user interface with smooth and easy transitions.

Offers a wide range of features and functionalities in its applications

Office 2019 benefits from security updates and patches released by Microsoft.

Cons of Office 2019

Does not include futuristic cloud-based features and collaboration tools.

It does not include all the latest features and enhancements as Microsoft has released the newer versions of Office.

May not be compatible with the new file formats and features.

You already know which Office version will be better for task-completing purposes after getting to know about the differences between Office Suite 2016 and Office Suite 2019. Whichever you want to use, you must activate it with a genuine product license key to access all the features.


At this point, selecting the right version between Office 2019 and Office 2016 is up to you. Choosing the version and edition according to your tasking purposes will help you to find the right one, as every version comes with different editions (Home & Student, Professional Plus, or Home & Business) to serve your purposes with their specialized features. That’s all for today; hope you’ve got what you were looking for, that’s all for today. Have a great day.

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