How to remove activate windows watermark

remove activate windows watermark

There are many Windows users who are using Windows illegally, or have installed Windows using some tricks. Those users are aware of the problem of the infamous “Activate Windows” watermark. This problem makes the experience of Windows users unpleasant. This can block your screen, which can embarrass you during a lot of work. This “Activate Windows” watermark creates a very annoying situation when you record your screen, watch a movie or play video games.

So today we will show you how to remove Activate Windows watermark from Windows 10.

What is the “Activate Windows” watermark?

Microsoft, like other organizations, does not like this when their hard work is pirated, exploited and distributed for free. In an attempt to stop piracy in their new operating system Windows 10, Microsoft came up with the idea of ​​keeping a watermark on the screen of users who use Windows 10 without activating it legally.

This may not seem like a huge problem because it would not be a problem for users. Users could easily use piracy windows. Next it is placed on every window, app and even your cursor.

Although it is not a groundbreaking method for stopping Windows piracy. Because it was looking for a way to get rid of it. So don’t worry, we’ve compiled some methods to help those who don’t want to spend money to remove the watermark.

It should be noted that most of these methods remove your “Activate Windows” watermark but do not activate your system. these practices are not able to overcome the limitations of customizing your PC.

How to remove activate windows watermark permanently

Do the Notepad trick

The easiest and most popular way to remove active windows watermark in the corner of your screen is to use a simple technique with the help of pre-install Notepad app on your Windows system.

You can easily remove the “Activate Windows” watermark that appears on your screen by pasting some text and using it with an administrator account.

1. Run the Notepad application and create a blank note.

2. Copy the text below and paste it into your blank note.

@echo off
taskkill /F /IM explorer.exe

remove activate windows watermark

3. Then, go to the file and click on the save as option and name the file Activation.bat. The format of the file is All Files Change.

remove activate windows watermark

4. Now, save the file by clicking the save button in the location so that the location of the file can be found easily. I suggest saving this type of file on the desktop for easy access.

5. Now right click on the file and select Run as administrator option.

remove activate windows watermark

6. When the process is complete, restart your device and enjoy Windows without watermarks

Modify your Registry

Registry is an option that Windows users do not normally need to intervene, they need to be customized for a special purpose. This is a powerful way to deeply customize a Windows. Which allows you to interfere with your system configuration and application settings.

So you can remove the “Activate Windows” watermark by editing the registry if you want. Follow the steps below for this.

1. Open the Run window by pressing the window + R button on your keyboard.

2. To open Registry Editor, type regedit and click OK button.

remove activate windows watermark

3. Click on the arrow symbol to navigate Registry Editor. Navigate to HKEY_CURRENT_USER \ Control Panel \ Desktop using this technique.

remove activate windows watermark

4. Selecting the Desktop folder on the right side of the window will allow you to see many standard lists. From there double click on PaintDesktopVersion.

5. Change the value from 1 to 0 and click on the OK button.

remove activate windows watermark

6.Restart your device and enjoy Windows without watermarks.

Change Ease of Access settings

Did you know that by changing a general setting of Windows 10 you can get rid of Watermark immediately. If you don’t know then there is no need to worry, we will bring this up to you so that you can get rid of this problem very easily. Disable backgrounds with the Ease of Access tool, you can remove the watermark that comes with Windows 10.

1. Press windows + S on your keyboard, open the search window and search for the control plan.

2. Select the Control Panel app from your search results.

remove activate windows watermark

3. Click on Ease of Access Center. To see this menu, make sure that Large icons are selected in view mode.

remove activate windows watermark

4. Click the Make the computer easier to see link under the Explore all settings section.

remove activate windows watermark

5. Scroll down and find the Remove background images (where available) option. Enable the feature by clicking on the checkbox.

remove activate windows watermark

6.Click Apply and enjoy Windows without watermarks.

Use a Windows 10 Watermark Remover

There are many applications available online that are used to quickly remove the “Activate Windows” watermark of Windows 10. However, before using these applications, you must be careful and download carefully.

You can use the Universal Watermark Disabler application to remove the “Activate Windows” watermark of Windows 10. Download this application and follow the on-screen instructions to remove active Windows watermark.

Activate your OS

The best and legal way to remove your Windows “Activate Windows” watermark is to activate Windows which is supported by Microsoft. You can remove all of your Windows restrictions by activating your Windows and never see the “Activate Windows” watermark again. And this method is the best and valid.

If you want, you can buy Windows 10 from the official website or you can buy Windows 10 Pro license key from the third party wrestler website.

Below is how to activate Windows 10 with the license key

Activate using a product key

1. Press the windows + I button on your keyboard to quickly open the settings window.

2. Click on Update & Security

3. Select the Activation menu from the menu on the left and click on the Change product key.

4. Now enter your license key and click on the OK button. Wait for Windows 10 to activate and use your operating system without any restrictions or watermarks

We hope you have been able to remove Activate Windows watermark from your Windows operating system by following the steps above. Remember that if you see this watermark again, you will follow these steps again. However, if you activate it with the Windows 10 license key, it will never show you this watermark.

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