Microsoft Office 2019 Free Download

Microsoft Office 2019 Free Download

Microsoft Office 2019 is a professional and business software tool. It helps the users do their activities and professional tasks in Windows 10  or Windows 11. However, it is the most successful Office application from Microsoft.

However, to use Microsoft Office 2019, you might need to buy Microsoft’s key. And it’s a perpetual purchase. Once you purchase the Office in 2019, you can use it for a lifetime. But people search for the Microsoft Office 2019 free download option. If you are looking for such queries and solutions, you’re at the right place.

We have found some safe ways to download the free version of MS office 2019. You need to go through this entire article to get the right way. We will show you the proper process as well.

Brief or overview on Microsoft office 2019

Before you go for the free download Microsoft Office 2019 section, you should have an overall idea about this tool. MS office 2019 is a professional office tool that allows you to use PowerPoint, access, Excel, MS Word, and other included professional apps and services from Microsoft.

People are getting Microsoft 365 in a subscription-based way. But to get perpetual ownership, you need to buy the MS Office 2019. However, you will find it in two versions. One is for Windows 10 users, and another is for MAC users. You will also get the MS Office in both 64 and 32 bit. So, before downloading the Office file, check your desktop or laptop requirements. Then, go for it.

What is included at Office 2019?

You will get everything at office 2019 that you find in 2016 and later versions. But, you will also get some new features that will be discovered in the next section. Now, it’s time to reveal what is included at office 2019.

First thing first, you will get classic versions of word, excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook. It’s good that you can enjoy the classic version of these day-to-day interfaces without having any issues.

If you’re a Windows user, you will also get the publisher 2019, Access 2019, Project 2019, and Visio 2019 & Visio 2021  These are the best additions in MS office 2019. If you need them, they will be your best part of getting Office 2019. But there are more. If you think they don’t meet your expectations, keep your breath and go through the section below.

Microsoft Office 2019 Feature:

Now, it’s time to reveal all the new and additional features of Office 2019. Let’s get to them directly.

  • Add Visual Impact: Here comes the first essential feature of Office 2019, and that is you can add the visual impact on your presentation and other activities. A tool, namely SVG or the Scalable Vector Graphics, is there to make things more animated,

You will find different filtered options to add to your presentation. Also, you can add them to your worksheets and documents too. All of them will be alive, and your teammates and audience will find interest in knowing about your project in detail. 

Apart from these, you can easily describe what you want to communicate and make them understand.

  • Microsoft Translator: You might have a different language employee or partner in your team. Besides, you might want foreign clients or the audience to understand your work in their languages. In that case, you can use Microsoft Translator.

It will translate every word in your given language. It will be a significant part if you aim to work worldwide and with people of different languages.

  • Latex Equation Support: Microsoft users always claim that they cannot use the math formula ideally on Excel. To meet your needs, Microsoft has come with the perfect solution. Latex Equation Support will help you write any math formula without using any other method or facing any issues. 
  • Morph: Here comes another advanced feature for the presenter. Let’s say you love motion and want to make your professional or academic presentation more animated; in that case, you can use the Morph. It will give you all the premade options to make smooth object movement, transition, and animations.
  • Zoom: it’s a new feature you will find in your Office 2019. Basically, when you present something with the slides, you need to change or revisit some slides. In that case, you face some issues in changing slides. To solve your problems, Zoom is here.

You can do it smoothly and without any interruptions. 

  • New Charts: After getting the Office 2019, you will find 11 new charts. You can use them as per your needs. They are all different from one another. Also, you can create the chart instantly and present the changes within a while.
  • Website templates: If you are a designer or web developer, you will also find the Office helpful in some ways. Office 2019 comes with some excellent website templates. They will help you to visualize or design your websites in a moment.

You know it’s crucial to sketch before you go for the real version of it. It will help you change or adjust your ultimate dream in a moment. 

  • Audio Cues: Here comes another excellent new feature of the Microsoft Office 2019. Audio cues are a perfect way to improve audio quality. You will get it from the Options. Then you need to click on the Ease of Access. It will enable the audio cues.  

Are you Looking to Download Microsoft office 2019 Torrent files?

Download torrent Files of Microsoft Office 2019 Professional plus

Download Torrent

What are torrent files?

To get the free download of Microsoft Office 2019, you must know what torrent file is since you will download the file MS Office through a torrent file. However, a torrent file is like a table of context that helps the computer understand the information by the BitTorrent Client. When searching for Microsoft Office 2019 free download, you will ultimately get the torrent file.

How to download Office 2019 torrent files?

You already know what a torrent file is. Now it’s time to see how you can download Office 2019 torrent files. This section will show you some easy steps that will lead you to the Microsoft office 2019 Torrent Download.


  • Step 1: You must have the utorrent app installed on your computer. If you don’t have this app, you will face some issues while downloading the entire zip file of MS office 2019. In that case, you can search on google or any other search engine and download the Utorrent app. Then, install the app and run it.
  • Step 2: Now, you need to download the free file of Microsoft office 2019 from here. Or you can search it on Google. There you will get the entire Microsoft office 2019 64, 32-bit free download files. From here, select the correct file according to your PC configuration. If you have a 64-bit configuration, go for the 64-bit options. In contrast, if you have a 32-bit configuration, you need to select the 32-bit file.
  • Step 3:When you click on the file, it will get to the next page. You will find other options that will ask you to wait for a few seconds. Meanwhile, your entire Microsoft office 2019 torrent file will be ready to download. After that, click on the download button. It should start downloading Microsoft Office 2019.
  • Step 4: It will take some time to download the large file. Once you are done with the waiting period, you will get a zip file. In this step, you need to install the app. After installing the file correctly, you will no longer need the internet connection to use the Office app.

If you follow our steps, you might already get every point. These are the easy and expert suggestions. Moreover, these are all practical steps. Don’t skip any one of them. Otherwise, you will end up having trouble.

Advantages of Microsoft Office 2019

You need to know some advantages of using Microsoft Office 2019. They will make things easier, and you can make your buying decision precise. however if you need more update & batter feature then microsoft office 2021 Professional can be batter choice also. 

  • The best part of installing MS Office 2019 is that you will get access to MS Word, Excel, Powerpoint, OneNote, and Outlook. You don’t need to install them separately. They will be available for free of cost. 
  • You can use that software on your PC, mobiles, and other devices as well. It’s a significant advantage of using MS Office 2019.
  • Since most people use MS Office 2019, you will get help from others. Also, if you don’t know the use of this software, you can search it on Youtube. You will get tons of videos. From there, you will learn them and do your task easily.
  • If you want to share your files with your friends and colleagues, you can do that by using MS Office 2019. This tool has the Share option.
  • Security is another great advantage of MS Office. Now, MS stuff will secure your file and ensure the best place to keep your data and files. 
  • You might need to spend a good amount if you buy the tool from Microsoft. But here, you are getting the entire MS Office file free.

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