How to Download Office 365 And Active it

Welcome To Office 365 installation

Please follow each step carefully to prevent Activation error:


Make a sure to uninstall all existing versions of the office in your computer(this step is extremely important or you might encounter an error. ) On the desktop, go to: Windows icon => setting

Then, go to => Apps

Now look for any office related apps and remove each one of them by selecting it and clicking on “Uninstall”
Reboot your computer! (do not skip this step)

Step-2: Install Microsoft office 365 form the official Microsoft website

Open any internet browser and on the address bar type in
Click on => “Sing in”
Enter Your Username provide by your sellar. In this example, We are using: [email protected] Then Click on => “Next”
Now enter your password provide your seller, and then click on => “sing in”.
One of the upper lines enters your password provides your seller again. One the middle line you must create your own password for security purposes. (***Please keep and save your newly created password, otherwise, you won’t be able to access your account and will have yo purchase a new are solely responsible for it, We are not accountable for lost nor forgotten passwords ***) One the bottom line reenter your newly created password. that hit “Sing in”
Hit =>”install office” then “Other install options”
change the language if needed.
Change the number number of bits according to your operating system. modern computers and laptops wil most likely rum on 64bits.
Click on => Install
wait for a few second to complete download of the office installer.
Run the Installer.
Click “Yes” to Allow the office app to make changes to your device. Wait for a few seconds as the installer is getting ready for the installation.
The downloading time depends on the speed of your Internet clouds take anywhere from 10 minutes to up to an hour. When the download is complete, the screen below will be shown.
Hit “close”.

Step-3: Active office 365

Run any office app, for example, the world if the apps do not appear on the desktop, please find them in the windows menu.
Then click on “sing in to get the most out of office”.
Enter the Username Provided by your seller.then Click “Next”
Enter your newly created password, then hit “Sing in “.
Click “Yes ” to allow The organization to manage the account o your devices.
Finally, Click “Done”

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