Microsoft Software Voucher Redemption

To redeem the voucher, please follow these organized instructions:

  1. Registration:

    • If you don’t have an account already, the first step is to register. You can do this by clicking on the registration link provided.
  2. Login:

    • After successfully registering or if you already have an account, log in to your account.
  3. Voucher Redemption:

    • Once logged in, navigate to the voucher redemption section.
    • Enter your voucher information accurately in the designated fields.
  4. Select Ticket Category:

    • Choose the ticket category titled “Voucher Redemption.”
  5. Voucher Details:

    • In the voucher redemption ticket Description section, enter the following information:
      • Your voucher security code.
      • The product name associated with the voucher.
  6. Submit Ticket:

    • After inputting the necessary details, submit the ticket.
  7. Confirmation Email:

    • Once the ticket is submitted, you will receive a confirmation email or a notification under this ticket.
  8. Product Keys and Activation Guide:

    • We will send your product keys and an activation guide either to your registered email address or as a response within the ticket.

By following these steps, you’ll successfully redeem your voucher and receive the necessary information for product activation.